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Welcome to Life with Lists!

Whether you are new to writing lists or keep a detailed bullet journal and binder planner, hopefully this blog will help you explore new topics and organize your life with lists. I have been creating lists and schedules for as long as I can remember (seriously, in elementary school I would write a “Before the Bus Comes” schedule and write out my morning schedule before the start of each school year), and I continue to do so today.

Since one of my biggest passions is planning events, particularly outdoors, a lot of my lists center around planning and organization nowadays. However, I also have ongoing lists of books I’d like to read, movies I’d like to watch, things I’d like to include in my scrapbook (if I ever get to them), and cool gifts I want to buy (if I had an unlimited budget) to name a few. Hopefully this blog will inspire the lister inside of you to shine, or at least give you some new ideas about how to get through life with lists.

Getting to know PK (me!)

  • PK
  • Recent college grad
  • Expectant mom
  • Chemical engineer
  • Obsessive lister